Amazon Quest Expedition 2020

Ever wanted to join a scientific research expedition or undertake research that contributes to a wider understanding of the world, or really explore and immerse yourself in the Amazonian Jungle, developing the skills to live and survive in this amazing envrionment?

We provide the expertise for you to join a fully organised expedition and to take part as little or as much as you like, we have set objectives, but if you have your own interests or research, we can endeavour to accommodate them in our existing plans and support you to get the most out of your experience.

Become part of a dynamic and exciting team and join our exciting community of expeditioners, researchers, citizen scientists, adventurers, artists and explorers.

James Dyer Expeditions in partnership with the CREES Foundation are planning a unique expedition, open to normal, everyday people to become part of a research exploration team deep in the Amazonian Jungle.


Dates- (TBC) November 2020 

Personal Contribution- £2500/ $3200 (excluding flights/ personal insurance)


We offer the full logistical and safety support, leadership by expedition and scientific research professional’s and qualified leaders, a UK build up training weekend prior to departure, a comprehensive acclimatisation and training programme in country, kit lists and pre expedition fitness and support package, ensuring that all participants are prepared before setting off on a real expedition to a remote wilderness.

We belive in offering opportunities to a wide audience, and giving as many people as possible the chance to experience the natural world on unique and adventurous, exploratory expeditions.


Participants will become part of a team, and work towards personal and team goals during their time on expedition, as well as supporting each other through out.


We actively encourage participation from all sections of society, regardless of ability, function, race and gender, and we work to break down barriers to participation, working from a positivist postition to ensure inclusion, safety and diversity.


If this fires your imagination please Contact Us to find out more, get a copy of the full proposal or chat to the expedition leadership team! 

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