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James is a sought after leadership and team development trainer, speaker and coach, with extensive and current experience of leading, and developing high performance leaders and teams.


Working at all levels of organisations, companies, sports teams, schools, universities and charities, from C-Suite executives, through to emergent leaders, with teams as well as individuals,  working to develop and enhance their performance.


New for 2022- The "Stones" Programmes- a series of Human Performance, team development and leadership programmes for businesses, education, charities and sports teams. 

To find out more check out The "Stones" Programmes


James works closely with clients to design and deliver effective and inspiring training programmes, workshops, motivational talks, 121 coaching, and long term consultancy and developmental programmes.


Developing teams and individuals leadership, values, inclusivity, creative decision making, understanding their own and others behaviours and abilities, enabling them to drive projects, develop organisational change and to manage themselves, their teams, their goals and motivations.


James' programmes are experiential and can be delivered as workshops, day long or residential, indoors or outdoors. They will involve active learning opportunities and exercises, and can be delivered in the wilds or in a conference room, even on-line!


James belives that leaders are crucial in teams, and that teams need lots of leaders and leadership behaviours, his personal leadership development philosophy is encompased in what he calls the 3 C's-


Competence- Ability, Skills and Understanding

Currency- Experience, Inclusion, Critical Judgement & Decision Making

Credibility- Values and  Actions, Communication, Commitment, Emotional Intelligence, Authenticity, Reputation and Behaviours

About James-


James is an award winning leader, and has experience of leadership in business, charities, sport and coaching, as well as in remote wilderness environments leading major expeditions.


He holds a BA (Hons) in Outdoor Leadership, and is currently studying for a Masters, researching leadership behaviours, and he regularly lectures on the subject for universities, companies and colleges.

He also works internationally with Beyond Wild- Elite Performance, delivering leadership and team programmes to clients in the USA.


James has spent over 20 years in the UK Reserve Forces, as a commissioned Officer with the Royal Air Force, with experience of the challenges of military leadership.


When not delivering leadership and team development, he can be found leading,or going on his own expeditions, providing safety advice to TV/Film crews in remote locations, playing sport, climbing mountains, canoeing rivers and running his own fitness business, ensuring that he is current in his leadership and coaching practice.


He is a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society (FRGS), and the British Exploring Society (FBES),is a Recognised Professional in Outdoor Learning and a Leading Practitioner (Institute for Outdoor Learning), as well as being an elected Member of the Arctic Club and a Member of the Foundation for Leadership in Sport.

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