BOUDICA- On the trail of the Warrior Queen.        (April 2020)

In AD 60-61Boudica the warrior queen of the Icini Tribe waged a personal vendetta against the occupying Roman forces in the East of England.

After haranging the British Tribes she led them on a brave mission to drive the Romans from the Island.

Her route took her from the Icini heartlands in East Anglia, to attack the Roman Garrisons of Colchester then on to Chelmford, raising these towns to the ground. Spurred on by her success she trekked her forces on to London, and then to St Albans, driving fear into the Romans and burning all in her path!

Finally the Romans sent a battle hardend legion to hunt her down and end her revolt.

Boudica has gone down in history as a remakable warrior and leader, driven by hate and passion.


Over Easter 2020 James, his Wife, Alice and 9 year old Twins, Sam & Poppy will follow her route from Norwich to London and then on to St Albans, finishing at the Roman ruins of Verulamium. They will use public transport to follow the route, staying in B& B's introducing the Twins to adventurous travel, and researching the Romans and Boudica along the way for their school project!

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