James is passionate about expeditions, learning about new places, inspired by wildlife and remote areas, he has been dreaming about expeditions since a child, and has been lucky enough to have been part of many expeditions, leading over 50 to remote areas all over the world.


James believes that expeditions are powerful mediums to help educate and inspire, and that they can be drivers to help in environmental, conservation, social justice and change.


He has experience of expeditions and leading in the Arctic, the Jungles of South America and South East Asia, Mountains throughout the world and the Deserts of Africa, Middle East and South America!.


His work has involved trekking, mountaineering, canoeing and mountain biking as modes of travel, undertaking scientific research, supporting TV crews, guiding adventure tourists, developing leaders, educating and inspiring young people,  providing safety cover, leading benificial projects, pioneering new adventurous methods of accessing hard to reach places, guiding, leading, educating and inspiring people from all walks of life.



This year is going to be a busy and exciting year for James, he is leading a lot of trips, undertaking some passion projects and hoping to complete the third of his Warrior Expeditions.


Check out the Expedition Opportunities page for more information about expeditions that are open for applications, and the Warrior Expeditions Page for exciting information about the third expedition.


And keep informed about upcoming adventures and thoughts on expeditions, adventure and related topics by following James' blog



Recent Adventures-




2018 was a busy year for James, in  March he lead a Winter Ascent of Mt Toubkal in Morroco, for a group of people training for Everest later in the year!

May found him back in the Madre De Dios in Peru, leading a team of Citizen Scientists interested in exploring a remote ridge in the Amazon Jungle.Into the Depths of the Amazon 2018

In July he lead a group of Students on their project work and trekking expedition to Nepal, with Adventure Lifesigns.

And in August he is headed of on an exploratory recce of the Harkan River in Sweden, the aim was to paddle a remote Arctic river in preparation for a couple of expeditions in 2019!



June 2017

In Search of Hannibal- Spain/ France/ Italy- James followed the route of Hannibals infamous crossing of the Alps by bike!

Find out more In Search of Hannibal 2017


July - August 2016 & July - August 2017

British Exploring Society- Peruvian Amazon Expedition 2016 & 17

James was honored to be the Chief Leader of these amazing youth development expeditions deep into the Manu National Park. Working alongside the Crees Foundation ( and with a great team of leaders, scientists, film makers and photographers, spending 6 weeks inspiring young people through the power of educational expeditions to remote and wild environments, undertaking exciting and important scientific studies of this fragile jungle area. Helping young people to be adventurous, think about the world they live in and to make future choices about their lives.



May 2016

Pillars of Hercules Challenge.

James and a team of intrepid adventurers attempted to undertake the first known challenge to link ascents of the Pillars of Hercules (Jebal Musa- Morroco/ Rock of Gibraltar) with a sea kayak crossing of the Straits of Gibraltar. 

The team managed to climb the 2 summits in good times, but the crossing proved harder with high seas putting pay to the crossing, but not a team to be put off by that, the next day they paddled the equivellent distance around the Rock!

This challenge was in support of the elite military charity Pilgrim Bandits-


March 2016

Desert of Lawrence Expedition - Jordan

Following on from the Award winning "In the Footsteps of Lawrence Expedition 2014" James led a small team of adventurers from the T E Lawrence Society on a 10 day expedition to explore the deserts of Southern Jordan, visiting sites connected to Lawrence of Arabia and exploring the story of his time there during the Arab revolt of 1916, 100 years earlier.


Selected Past Expeditions-

April 2014

In the Footsteps of Lawrence- Jordan

An award winning crossing of the Jordanian Desert following Lawrence of Arabias route from Wadi Rum to the village of Mudawarra. This 10 day crossing involvde 26 Cadets and Staff from 2427 (Biggin Hill) Squadron Air Cadets, they carried all their equipment and self navigated the route successfully, learning about the Arab revolt and the role of the middle east in the centenary year of the start of World War 1.


August 2009

Bloodvien River Descent- Canada.

A challenging expedition to descend the Bloodvein River in Manitoba, Canada, during the worst flood conditions in 30 years! 


October 2007

Exercise Carni Wolf- Carnic Alps, Italy.

James led the first traverse of the Carnic Alps following historic pathways from the First World War by a British youth group, from the RAF Air Cadets.

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