Wild- Trax Professional Outdoor & Expedition Training.

Wild- Trax is the professional training arm of James' business, It offers the opportunity for anyone who is interested in expeditions and the outdoors to gain real and practical training in key skills areas. Regardless of whether you are traveling to the remote corners of the globe or on your first wild camping experience, James and his experienced team bring a wealth of professional outdoor experience to these courses, and they are designed to enable participants to become more confident and more skilled.


Based in Dartmoor in the South West of England, we are lucky to have a wide array of amazing natural classrooms that are ideally suited to the development of outdoor and expedition skills, the moors themselves, the rocky crags, the rivers and the coast all close together give us great options to ensure the highest quality training available.


We are commited to helping develop people so they can enjoy the outdoors and live more adventurous lives, we endeavour to make our courses as affordable as possible, as sustainable as possible and a fun as possible!!


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Navigation Training

Introductory and Advanced level training courses for those looking to learn or improve their navigation.


Intro- 1 day course covering the basics of navigation using map and compass, orientation, route planning, decision making, reading the land, following features etc.

A great, hands on, practical day.

Price-  £60 

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Advanced- 2 day course, that advances the skill level of participants, looking at techniques for relocation and complicated navigation. This course includes an overnight wild camp (Self Catering) where participants will have a chance to look at poor visability and night navigation.

Price- £120

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Expedition Skills Courses


Introduction to Expedition Skills- 2 day course, looking at all areas of expeditions, giving particpnats the the confidence to enbark on their own expedition, in the UK or further afield.

Course content includes-

Kit and Equipment selection and use


Expedition Nutrition

Risk Management & Safety

Basic Navigation

Emergency Planning and Procedure


Cost- £250 (fully catered)

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Outdoor First Aid Courses


Level 3 Outdoor First Aid- 2 day(16hr) practical and theoretical course covering all areas of basic outdoor first aid. 

Planning and Prep/ First Aid Kit

Incident and Scene Management

Assessing Casualties

Basic Life Support

Injury Management

Enviromental and Common outdoor injuries

Managing Evacuations

This course meets the requirement for all NGB qualifications (BMC/ BCU/RYA etc)

Price- £120

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Advanced First Aid- Wild- Trax can organise and deliver a number of advanced first aid modules, suitable for expedition, overseas, remote and specific workplaces (Forestry/ Working at height/ security etc) please contact us for more info.

Water Safety Training


Basic Water Safety Course- 1 day basic awareness course, aimed at giving participants confidence to operate around water environments and undertake basic rescues.

Price- £60

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 Wild- Trax can also offer the full suite of RLSS (Royal Life Saving Society) National Water Safety Managment courses, and certificate participants at all Levels. Please contact us for more info on this programme.

Bushcraft, Survival & Tracking Courses


Intro To Bushcraft & Tracking- 1 day course looking at the basics of Bushcraft (Fire/ Shelter) and the fundamentals of Tracking (recognising sign, following a trail).

Price- £60

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Expedition Fitness Programmes


Exped Fit- 1 day programme looking at developing the skills and techniques for outdoor fitness. Using a mixture of outdoor sessions and theory the day gives participanst the chance to look at their training and devise a programme that maximises their potential and keeps them in track to achieve their outdoor goals.

Day includes-

Principles of Expedition/ Outdoor fitness

Bootcamp style work outs- Strength/ cardio

Hill & Obstacle Running

Functional Training sessions - Theory / Practice

Nutrition advice

Designing training plans


Price- £150

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