Leadership Development

Leadership Development through Experience.


Drawing on real life leadership development from the world of expeditions in remote environments, elite sports performance, corporate organisations and the military, James and his team work with organisations and companies to develop individuals and teams to perform at the top of their game.


Developing companies and their stratgies to become the best they can, more ethical and capable of dealing with the ups and downs of modern business.


Challenging, Exciting and Values driven programmes, aiming to develop Capacity, Performace and Adaptability.




On/ Offsite Programmes- Team & Leadership workshops/ Coaching/ Leadership Development/Away days/ Motivational sessions & Talks



Survival Challenges- Putting teams in high pressure scenarios, giving them new skills and putting them into practice, developing their team and leadership skills, undertaking tasks and reflection to draw them into a high performing team.


Military Leadership Programme- Tough Challenges drawing on the proven techniques used to develop military leaders who can react to change, adapt and undertake a mission to achieve success. Testing the team and individuals physical fitness, mental agility and their ability to keep pushing forward.


Expedition Programme- Exciting programme that takes teams on a expeditionary journey, developing key skills in planning & organisation. Undertaking personal challenges or developing useful conservation or community projects. This programme can occur in the UK or in remote overseas locations (Morocco/ Jordan/ Iceland/ Alps or further afield).

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