Expedition Medical Programmes


The  Expedition Medical Training Programme is a new development for 2018, offering high quality expedition medical training, alongside a comprehensive skills and environmental experience training programme.

Delivered by James, along with a team of environmental and medical experts in the actual environments specific to the training.

The Programme is ideal for potential and existing expedition Drs and Medics, as well as experienced expedition leaders who are looking to increase their skills.

In a sector where experience of specific environments and high quality training are key to secure work or to perform effectivly in the field, these programmes are designed to fit that requirement.


Course Content-

Medical & Emergency Planning and Preparation for Expeditions

Basic and Advanced Life Support

Trauma Management

Dealing with Injuries in the field

Illness on Expedition

Environmental Specific Medicine- Tropical/ Heat/ Cold/ Altitude/ Bites & Envenomation

Evacuation- Improvised/ Vehicle Extraction

Psychological & Mental Health

Health & Hygiene on Expedition

Safety & Security on Expedition

Technical Skills- Jungle, Desert & Polar living Skills/ Navigation/ Rope Work/ Polar travel/ Survival skills


Course Dates/ Costs-

Mountain Medicine Course (Morocco Atlas Mountains)- Planning for Nov/ Dec 2018

Jungle Medicine Course (Peruvian Amazon- Manu)- TBC

Desert Medicine Course (Wadi Rumm- Jordan)-  TBC

Polar/ Arctic Medicine Course (Svalbard- Norway)- 2019

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