James regularly talks about his expeditions, leadership, performance development and lessons learnt from his participation in challenging expeditions, and involvment in the planning and delivery of many more adventures !!


He has talked to schools, youth organisations, businesses, explorers connect and other industry events, as well as to military and academic audiences.


Entertaining, educational and honest in his style and backed up by plenty of experience, humour, and stories, making his talks motivational, positive and suitable for a wide range of audiences.

Talk & Workshop subjects include-


* Leadership

* Expeditions- In Search of Hannibal/ In the Footsteps of Warriors

* Motivation & Finding a Passion

* Expeditions & Social Justice

* Purposeful Expeditions- What is the Purpose of adventure & exploration?

* Famous Explorers

* Resilience & Adventurous Mindsets

* Failure to Success

* Outdoor Learning subjects

* Remote Safety

* Wildlife & Conservation

* Wilderness & Remote Areas- The Power of Exploring Earths Wildernesses


Previous talks delivered for- Explorers Connect (London)/ The Kennals, Goodwood/ RAF/ IOL Student Forum/ Schools/ Businesses

Next Talks-


Exciting News- New for 2020- we have launched a new project "Venture Beyond- Talks & Events", holding regular events on the theme of Adventures with Purpose, sharing stories of expeditions, adventure inspired creative work and enabling people to talk about their experiences of adventuring with purpose!


Next Event- 26th Febuary 2020@7pm at the Miller Pub, 96 Snowsfields Road, London SE1 3SS, For Tickets  





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