Expedition Consultancy:

James has over 20 years experience of developing, planning, setting up and leading expeditions across the globe.


If you have an idea, or a dream for an expedition and want expert advice, guidance or support, along with industry leading services to help plan and deliver it, James and his team are the people to talk to.


James Dyer's Expedition Consultancy services include complete design and delivery of an expedition or adventure of your dreams (to BSI 8848 standards), through to designing elements of your expeditions safety procedures, organising logistics and training including technical, fitness or specific elements of training.

We can also help with recruiting and selecting team members, crisis management advice and guidance, logistics and safety planning, equipment and vehicle organisation and training, as well as on the ground expedition leadership, safety and support.


So whats your dream?


We can help make it happen!




Ever wanted to join a scientific research expedition or undertake research that contributes to a wider understanding of the world, or really explore and immerse yourself in the Amazonian Jungle?

We provide the expertise for you to join a fully organised expedition and to take part as little or as much as you like, we have set objectives, but if you have your own interests or research, we can endeavour to accommodate them in our existing plans and support you.

Become part of a dynamic and exciting team and join our exciting community of expeditioners, researchers, citizen scientists, adventurers, artists and explorers.

Join our 2020 Amazon Quest Expedition and become part of an amazing opportunity find out more Amazon Quest 2020


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